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Treatments + Pricing

All prices are in CAD and not inclusive of tax.

For insurance questions, visit FAQ. 


Individual Therapy

You are unique, so your needs will be too. Personalized therapy sessions - a place of true self-discovery and growth.

30 mins
60 mins
90 mins


Prices reflect clients registering after January 1, 2023.

Wellness Plans*

Wellness Plan

A future-focused plan to incorporate the six dimensions of wellness needed for optimal mental health. 

60 mins


Slow Down Plan

Anxiety, over-scheduling, stressful jobs and mounting pressure can lead to burnout. Create a tailored treatment plan that embraces mindfulness and soft goals.

60 mins


Rise Up Plan

Feeling stuck in a rut? Low energy? Unable to declutter a living space? These are felt when we are lacking motivation. Craft a plan that focuses on setting actionable, high-reward goals.

60 mins


*Psychotherapy is recommended for those looking to explore past-focused issues.

All sessions are virtual, through a secure platform.
Please specify the type of Wellness Plan when booking your appointment.

Self-discovery never looked


When you are distressed, you need support. Tools. Strategies. Coping skills. 

Discover your mental health potential with printables, workshops and courses.

is rooted in making the unconscious, conscious.

empowers you with skills that are helpful in targeting your concerns or reducing symptoms.

involves an emotionally present therapist that's with you - not a distant expert.

allows you to explore all parts of yourself



is NOT linear and often has ups + downs

helps you find emotional balance 

the least restrictive, safe and clinically appropriate treatment

can help you acknowledge the root of unhelpful or harmful behaviours

respectful to your needs, abilities, culture, beliefs, faith + level of understanding. 

makes you feel

safe and heard.


My favourite parts of being
a psychotherapist:

Witnessing a client transform 

Identifying their strengths and values

Normalizing mental distress and struggles

Helping find the root causes of distress

Hearing clients' life stories

"I believe that a different therapy must be constructed for each patient, because each has a unique story."

— Dr. Irvin D. Yalom

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