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Build your mental health toolbox.

Let's turn your living space into therapy territory.

Your living space is where your mind and body live for a large part of your life, being a valuable asset to your overall mental health. I believe a space should be designed intentionally around the concept of being pleasing to your senses.


Amazon carries some tangible tools that can help ease stress, induce better sleep, and can add soothing, textural elements.  

Therapist-approved books and journals.

Discover books, journals and workbooks relevant to a variety of mental health issues and treatment. Equip yourself with knowledge and recovery tools. They are also a great complement to therapy sessions. 


These books are evidence-based and/or therapist recommended!

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Free Digital Tools


Penzu is a great tool for online journaling. It prides itself on secure journaling and "military-strength" encryption. You can also customize it to your liking.

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Therapist Aid is a toolkit for mental health professionals. However, they offer free printables, handouts, guides and articles on depression, grief, stress, self-esteem and more.

Therapist Aid free therapy resources


The famous 'Calm' app has been downloaded over 120 million times! It has some free features, including meditation guides, soft sounds to reduce anxiety and sleep stories.

Calm App for mental health anxiety sleep relaxation

Psychiatric Times

A informative hub for articles and informational handouts on specific disorders. Read up on topics from psychedelics, suicide to sexuality.

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The NIH hosts the National Library of Medicine - a goldmine for scientific literature, the latest research studies, genome projects, clinical trials, trends in the healthcare industry and a vast amount of information on virtually all medical and mental health conditions.

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FutureMe is a tool where you send a letter to your future self. Write to your self a year from now, what do you notice about your life once you get that email? Future journaling can be perspective-changing and open our eyes to our needs. Just make sure you keep the same email address!

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