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Break your body and mind out of stressful cycles.

Culturally-inclusive therapy and mental health tools to match.

Created to help you cope with cultural anxiety and stress, by a psychotherapist.

Cultural Stress
Eating Disorders

Binge eating. Emotional eating. Restrictive eating. Yo-yo dieting, are often seen as the problem. However, these are all 'solutions' to soothing distress. I'm passionate about healing disordered relationships to food.

Mood & Anxiety

Emotions are complex and can be hard to identify. However, we will all experience mood changes at some point in our lives. Anxiety, perfectionism, anger, sadness, hopelessness and guilt are all welcome.

Body Image

Cultural stress comes in many forms. Family or social discord, bi-culturalism, identity issues, isolation, inner conflicts and trans-generational behaviours are a few that I love working through.

Our bodies are our home, for the rest of our lives. Body image distress can impact our diets, sleep, careers and relationships. I'm driven to help you shift the narratives around a poor body image.

How  therapy  works.

No more culturally-insensitive therapy with long wait times.

Begin with a consult before beginning your journey. 

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Schedule a free virtual consult.

At your own time, from the comfort of your home, or any other private space.


Briefly explore your concerns.

A time for us to connect on a deeper level. We'll go over symptoms you're experiencing, things related to your mental health and questions about the process or therapy approach.


Book your first session.

If and when you feel ready, we can begin at your pace and frequency. 

Want to explore therapy treatments first?

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You may feel overwhelmed with emotions.


Or left out. Or told to keep silent. You may have been body shamed. Or experienced trauma that your culture may overlook. 

As a result, you may experience guilt or stress with eating, your health, body or career.

I identify as a cross-cultural and inclusive Psychotherapist and create tools to help break you out of these stressful cultural cycles.

Hi, I'm Rehaan.

How  tools  work.

I believe knowledge should be shared. 

Digital tools are a great way to develop psychological flexibility!


Learn coping skills, deal with difficult emotions and develop new habits to enrich your mental health.

Digital Downloads

Developed by a Registered Psychotherapist.

Choose from a variety of mental health topics like emotions, negative thoughts and anxiety.

Learn evidence-based strategies to reflect and enhance self-growth.

Courses + Workshops

Self-paced learning with actionable goals.

Target more specific issues such as overcoming guilt, perfectionism or emotional eating.

I'm currently developing this!

Learn evidence-based strategies to reflect and enhance self-growth.


What sets NeuroSoul apart?

You are more than just a set of symptoms on a checklist. 


You are a whole person with many parts and layers - all that may affect your mental health.

Traditional therapy has focused on what problem you have, not so much how you developed it in your specific cultural world.


We explore things like your inner child, how your culture shaped beliefs and behaviours about yourself, and more. Learn coping skills and build on emotional health that target distress.

Download a free cultural stress guide to pinpoint distress and cope.

Cultural stress is a fairly new term in the psychology word.

As it shows up in so many different ways and areas of our life, navigating cultural stress can be hard. 


Download this free beginner's guide to help you identify and cope  with stress that develops through our cultural setting or background!

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perfectionism.  binge eating.  quarter-life crises.  social anxiety.  trauma. impulsivity. 

excessive guilt.  identity issues.  burnout.  intrusive thoughts.  toxic relationships.

depression.  career changes.  body image.  self-worth.  family conflict. sexuality. gender.

parentified child.  racism.  attachment. body shaming.  divorce. emotional neglect.

physical abuse. boundaries. medical trauma. abandonment. jealousy. anger. shame.

sexism. financial trauma. self-doubt. bullying. seasonal depression. bulimia. yoyo diets.

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