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How is mental health treated at NeuroSoul?
Areas of Specialty
Cultural Stress

Cultural stress comes in many forms. Family or social discord, trauma, bi-culturalism, identity issues, isolation, inner conflicts and trans-generational behaviours are a few that I love working through.

Mood & Anxiety

Emotions are complex and can be hard to identify. However, we will all experience mood changes at some point in our lives. Anxiety, perfectionism, anger, sadness, hopelessness and guilt are all welcome.

Disordered Eating

Binge eating. Emotional eating. Restrictive eating. Yo-yo dieting, are often seen as the problem. However, these are all 'solutions' to soothing distress. I'm passionate about healing disordered relationships to food.

Body Image

Our bodies are our home, for the rest of our lives. Body image distress can impact our diets, sleep, careers and relationships. I'm driven to help you shift the narratives around a poor body image.

What sets NeuroSoul apart?

You are more than just a set of symptoms on a checklist. 


You are a whole person with many parts and layers - all that may affect your mental health.

Traditional therapy has focused on what problem you have, not so much how you developed it in your specific cultural world.


We explore things like your inner child, how your culture shaped beliefs and behaviours about yourself, and more. Learn coping skills and build on emotional health that target distress.

How to begin therapy

1. Schedule a free virtual consult.

2. Briefly talk about your concerns, any symptoms and ask questions.

3. Book your first session at your own time.

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Questions + Thoughts my clients have.

Why do I feel so overwhelmed with emotions?

Why do I always feel like I'm not doing enough? 

Why was I asked to do adult things as a kid?

Why do I feel frustrated with the relationships in my life?

Why do I switch between dieting and binge eating?

"When my emotions overwhelm me, I'm failing."

"If I'm not perfect, my life will derail. I need to fix this."

"This is just how "things" have always been."

"I do so much for others!"

"Tomorrow, I'm throwing away all the junk food and starting over."

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do I know I need therapy?
    We all experience mental difficulties that throw our life off course. We are all prone to mental injury, distress and just "not being able to take it anymore". There are many, complex factors that can influence the development of your distress, which a therapist can help you understand better. You may be feeling lost, lonely, confused, sad, anxious, have lost pleasure in hobbies, experiencing burnout, strive to be perfect, family conflict, have a poor relationship with your body, food or with loved ones. You may not be able to pinpoint the source of your distress. But not to worry, because that is what psychotherapists are here for! If you feel something is interfering with your ability to live well or you are unable to enjoy life, you may be experiencing a mental health condition. Take it seriously and talk to someone who can help. You don’t need to wait for a diagnosis by a doctor.
  • Can you prescribe me medication?
    While psychotherapy and medication can be a winning combination for many clients, psychotherapists and psychologists do not prescribe medication. These are strictly done by psychiatrists that hold medical doctoral degrees. It is out of our scope of practice to do so. At NeuroSoul, I believe in multi-disciplinary care and collaborative efforts with other mental health professionals. I can help talk you through what to expect from psychiatrists or psychologists that you may visit for the first time.
  • How will I be charged?
    After your session, an invoice will be issued to you through the JaneApp. The payment gateway accepts all major credit cards. You also have the option to through e-transfer. I do not accept money orders or cheques.
  • How much does therapy at NeuroSoul cost?
    Therapy at NeuroSoul begins at $160 + tax for a 60-minute session, that is entirely dedicated to you and your needs. For those with more complex needs or who would like more time in a session, I offer extended sessions at 90 minutes for $225 + tax. This gives us ample time to delve deeper into issues you may be having. I also offer 30-minute "check-in" sessions at $80 + tax. For a full menu of treatments, visit the 'Pricing' page. If you have other questions about costs, please e-mail me and I'd be happy to answer them!
  • Are you covered by my insurance plan?
    Most health insurance policies and EAP's (Employment Assistance Program) today now cover mental health care. However, to cover your care at NeuroSoul, please ensure your policy/program states 'Psychotherapist' or 'Counsellor'. Other mental health professionals are a: Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Social Worker - all which will not be covered by NeuroSoul. While I do not bill your insurance company directly, I will issue you an invoice after our sessions, which you can then send for reimbursement.
  • Is what I tell you confidential?
    For the most part, yes. Psychotherapists have a duty to maintain confidentiality for all clients, at all times. However, there are limits to it. I would have to break confidentiality if there is evidence of risk of harm to you or to someone else. If there is clinical evidence of a child, elderly or disabled person in your care that is at risk of harm, I am a mandated reporter and would have to break confidentiality. Another limit is if I am subpoenaed by a court. Otherwise, what we speak about is completely confidential.
  • What if I need you to contact my doctor? Or my parent?
    When psychotherapists collaborate with other clinicians about your care, you would have to sign a Release of Information (ROI) letter. For family and friends invited into sessions by you, only your verbal consent is needed.
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