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I'm a cultural

Hi! I'm Rehaan Shafi. Being born in India, growing up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and moving to the West in my adulthood - I can relate to cultural stress on a deeply personal level.

Through my years of practice, I've observed that we all know what we want to feel. How we want to live our lives. How we'd like to spend our time and who with.

But, we are often tangled and caught in cultural stress cycles that affect our emotions, health, bodies, relationships and careers.

Learned behaviours.   Traumatic events.

Recurring negative thoughts.

Limiting beliefs.    Cycles of emotions.

Being trapped with guilt, shame or secrets. 

I'm here to help you untangle and break free from these harmful cycles that can hold you back.


A few things about me

Irvin D. Yalom Psychiatrist Existential Humanistic.webp

My favourite theorist is

a very loved and respected existential psychiatrist named Irvin Yalom. His view on human nature and mental suffering sums up how I feel about life:

“...the more unlived your life, the greater your death anxiety. The more you fail to experience your life fully, the more you will fear death.”

 ― Irvin D. Yalom, Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Terror of Death

Image by Christoph Schulz

I grew up in Dubai

but was born in India. Then moved to Canada and America in my 20's. Where am I from?! I'm still figuring it out!


However, I do know that I wouldn't have fallen into the field of psychotherapy if I hadn't been exposed to the lack of it. It's the core reason I love working with cultural stress + identity issues - people of colour simply don't have enough mental health care or tools to cope.


My go-to coping skill is

identifying my emotion and why I'm feeling that way.


My most powerful tool is awareness and labeling how I feel. It helps me look at it objectively, process the emotion, and then decide how to act. I also remember that emotions are temporary. It never fails me!

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